Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta is pleased to offer a variety of volunteer placements to enhance your business skills, leadership capability, and networking. Anyone interested in volunteering with Girls Inc. should submit their application and will be notified of applicable volunteer opportunities within 30 days.
Girls Inc.’s Volunteer Philosophy
As a service enterprise, Girls Inc. is nonprofit organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills to successfully deliver on the social mission of the organization. Serving as champions for effective volunteer engagement, we are part of Reimagining Service, a national coalition seeking new ways of increasing social impact through volunteer engagement. To learn more about these principles, visit www.ReimaginingService.org.
Girls Inc. has created a volunteer program to involve many individuals with varying degrees of responsibility. There are administrative and programmatic positions, board and non-board positions, committee and solitary positions, and any combination thereof. All are challenging, all are important, and all are necessary to expand the capacity of Girls Inc. to effectively meet our mission.
Girls Inc. Volunteer Policies
Girls Inc. utilizes the concept of Strategic Volunteering™ whereby selected volunteers are placed based on interests and skills that match our current volunteer openings.
When reviewing applications and assigning volunteer placements we consider your:
  • Available time
  • Fit of skills and needs
  • Leadership experience
  • Seniority based upon past service to the organization

Availability of placements varies annually. Applicants are not guaranteed a volunteer placement. 

Volunteer Opportunity Guide


Current Volunteer Need:

We are currently looking for a volunteers in our Center from 3:00pm – 5:00pm or 6:30pm.  Click on the link below to complete a volunteer application or more information please contact Nicole Myers at 678-686-1740 or NMyers@girlsincatl.org.